Spotlight/Tens List: The Last Dance by Kiki Hamilton + Giveaway

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Today I have for you The Last Dance by author Kiki Hamilton.
Two people couldn’t be more opposite…

Kellen Peterson, the gorgeous star quarterback of the Griffin High football
team, seems to have it all. Until the night of the Homecoming game, when Kellen
gets tackled and suffers a traumatic brain injury – an injury that changes his
life – including his ability to walk, talk and throw a football.

Ivy Ly is a senior and counting down the days until she can escape to college.
Though her parents have big plans for her to be a doctor, Ivy is afraid to tell
them she’d rather pursue music as a career.

Ivy’s best friend, Mira, is obsessed with Kellen. When Ivy is asked to tutor
the injured football player upon his return to school, she thinks it’s the
perfect opportunity for Mira to get to know him better – but sparks fly – in
more ways than one… 

Top Ten List –
Things you would change about your high school years if you could go back
in time by Kiki Hamilton
1. I would not eat 2 grilled cheese sandwiches every day in my senior year even if I did
love them!
2. I would have learned how to play guitar at 14 rather than starting when I was 47!
3. Try harder to get straight A’s (I didn’t J)
4. Be less shy and more out-going. Have a little more self-confidence.
5. Maybe not skip out as much as I did. Maybe.
6.  Take more foreign language.
7.  Worked harder at track.
8.  I would not have dated Paul. Definitely not.
9.  I would have bought my motorcycle earlier.
10.  Started seriously writing.
It think many of us can relate to Kiki’s Ten’s List.  I know that I do!!
Purchase Links:
Kiki Hamilton is the author of THE FAERIE RING fantasy series and the YA contemporary novel, THE
LAST DANCE. She believes in magic and the idea of hidden worlds co-existing
with our own. Kiki lives near Seattle, though she dreams of living in London
one day. Visit her website at:
3 winners will receive a SIGNED copy of The Last Dance + Bookmarks by Kiki Hamilton
Winner will receive a Surprise ART poster and Bookmark by James Vallestros
5 winners will receive a Surprise ART Bookmark by James Vallestros
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