Blogger, Reader, Sleeper, TV Viewer…

For those viewing, I’m assuming you love to read so I send a huge welcome to my blog to you. I have been a voracious reader since I was a young child. Nursery Rhymes, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Judy Blume, JRR Tolkien, classics, onto every genre. I find myself always coming back to Young Adult Fiction. I can’t get over how much YA has changed since I was a teen. Such a better selection for YA’s these days and so much more offered to them. This blog is dedicated to all the YA Fiction readers out there and I don’t care how young or old you are.

Why Word to Dreams? Well, my first 10 choices were already taken. LOL! But I feel that this still sums it up. We read, and we find ourselves dreaming about what we are reading. We feel we are part of the book, the characters. We love with them, we laugh with them, we hate with them, we cry with them, etc. Plus, just the other day someone told my adult stepson that he was too young to dream. I told him that you are never to young to dream big. So everyone, dream the impossible dreams!

Personally, I’m a introvert.  Was I always?  Maybe.  When I was with my friends, I could be loud and obnoxious as the next person.  When I wasn’t, people thought I was shy.  Know someone like this?  Take the time to get to know that person and you will find that the shy person that you’ve steered clear of actually had a lot to offer and may have many similar interests as you.  A lover of Doctor Who, science fiction, dystopia, many people consider me the Nerd Girl.  I wear that title proudly, but it can be a lonely title at times.  As I get older, it seems harder to get to know others.
A few things about me…again, I love Doctor Who.  I started watching that show as a teen when the 4th Doctor was being broadcast in America.  I have turned my three girls into Whovians and we aren’t afraid to show it.
I have an addiction to olives that I’ve finally brought under control.  I have recently discovered the garlic filled olive though and must say, YUM!  I like to sleep in.  Alas, being an adult, that means weekends only.  You are probably thinking, but you have kids.  Hey, only two are still in the house and they are teens.  What do you think they are doing weekend mornings?  Yep, sleeping in too.  I have a hard time sleeping without the fan on.  It’s getting better but there were times I’d lay there thinking I can’t breathe because the fan wasn’t on.  One time I laid down and an hour later my fan kicked the bucket.  What did I do?  Got up, got dressed and headed to the 24 hour Walmart and bought a new one.  My favorite food is pasta, but after a  near mutiny from the kiddos, I’ve drastically cut down on the amount of times I fix that at home.  Every season when the new shows come on, I seem to fall for the underdogs.  You know, the ones that end up cancelled.    Currently I’m loving State Of Affairs and I keep hearing how it might not last.  Come on, throw me a bone, you already cancelled the amazing A to Z!
So this is me.  Blogger, reader, sleeper, mother, olive eater, scifi lover and tv watcher.  I aspire to write one day, but that day hasn’t come yet.


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